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Registrierungsdatum: 15.07.2020 14:29 Uhr
Letzter Pagebesuch: 13.10.2020 10:32 Uhr
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Über mich
Nick: Smultro
Name: Anna
Wohnort: -
Geschlecht: weiblich
Alter: 32
Geburtstag: 22.01.1988
Beschreibung: I`m a swedish girl who found out how wonderful the gamingworld can be.
I´m kind of new to roleplay but do my best to learn and it seem to be fun.
I can only speak in english and swedish, and for the moment my mic in the headsets refuses to work in DayZ, so my character need to use the chatbox and signs.

When I´m not suviving on the infected apocalypse I like to draw, watch movies, hang out with my cat and meet friends..

Stay safe from the Zed´s out there.
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Skype: -
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Playstation Network: -
Origin: -
Battlenet: -
Homepage: -
Spiel: DayZ och Fallout 76
Waffe: McMillan , VSD , Vaiga, M4
Headset: No working mic in DayZ.