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General ingame and TS applies:
No rassism
No sexism
No insults
No discrimination in any form

Reasons for an immediate ban:
Exploiting glitches (intentionally or unintentionally!)
Exploitation of game mechanics
 (Intended or unintentional!)
KOS (Kill On Sight)

To be able to play on the server you have to be included in the whitelist. For this, we would invite you to a short conversation at our TS. Just get in contact with the admins via the homepage or in the TS. Imagine the fact that you will be asked at your whitelist talk about your Char and the current server rules.
 SA is classified FSK18 in Germany! Unfortunately we can not allow underage players (18-) to play on this server.


The Sammelbecken-DayZ Server is a roleplay server.
RP is required! Please make sure that you can talk ingame at any time.
No Mic = No Life

Roleplay character:
Roleplay lives from your imagination and your ideas.
 Please take some time to breathe life into your character. Be sure to think about the following points :
-Name ("FastSh00ter53" or similar is NOT a RP name!)
-Character traits (friendly, agressive , cowardly, loner .... )
-Small background story (origin, occupation, how did one come to Chernarus , ... ...)
Next we set no limits. Make your character free at your own convenience.


The only way a PvP situation can arise outside the PVP Zone is a robbery.
Please note:
A robbery must be clearly initiated ("hands up, this is an attack ", "stand still or I open the fire", etc.). Please note the InGame call range.
Once the robbery is initiated, the victim may defend himself, of course .
Persons who are in a moving vehicle may not be robbed and cant be stopped by shoooting on it. The bandit has to come up with something other to stop the vehicle . If the vehicle is standing still, the inmates may be forced to dismount by force of arms. Vehicles are NOT a save zone.
The robbery is over when the attacking party declares it is over, or when no RP or PvP has occurred between the parties for 15 minutes. If the robbery is over, as mentioned above, and the parties meet again a short time later, the PvP is prohibited until another raid is opened.

PVP Zone:
The NWA is PVP zone. The boundary of the zone is marked by the outermost fence of the NWA. Within the zone the fire may be opened at any time to other players. If a player is outside the zone, he may not be shot, even if he was previously in the zone. It must not be shot from outside the fence into the PVP zone.

Forbidden RP:
This generally includes everything that violates the morality of our society.

-Rape RP (roleplay that contains or targets rape or the like)
-Torture RP (roleplay that involves or targets the unnecessary and excessive tormenting of players)

RP denial / flight:
We are not a hardcore RP server. Nevertheless, we attach great importance to seriously played roleplay.
Logging out during an RP situation is prohibited.
 It should be clear that people do not dissolve during a conversation or action! The RP situation has to be played out.
 out during a PvP situation (combat logging ) is prohibited.
Describe game and server mechanics.
 Phrases like "the server will restart in 10 min" or "I log out soon" can be played differently!
A player can not choose who or when to play
 roleplay . If you get into an RP situation, it has to be played out. Excuses like "Shoot me, I do not care!" or similar will not be tolerated.

New Life rule:
If the character dies in the game, he can spawn again immediately.
 It is not necessary to create a new RP character or change the name.
Ingame the Char has no memory of the last 12 hours and does not know what had happened.

Base building :
In DayZ SA base building and server performance go hand in hand. Therefore, the admins always have an eye on the size and features of your base. Please pay attention to the proportionality. If a base causes lags or crashes with other players, the admins must respond.
To military areas a minimum distance of 500m has to be kept. 

Reporting violations:
If you want to report misconduct of other players (KOS, RP escape, etc) you can do so by contact (below on the HP) or directly with the admins. For this we require in principle a video proof. So make sure you use Shadowplay, OBS etc. on our server. Without video the incident will not be followed up by the admins!
Excluded from the video evidence are base raids that have occurred in the absence of the player / group concerned.

Server Crashes:
We try to keep the server stable. Nevertheless it can come at any time to crashes.
Items that are destroyed or disappear by the crash are not replaced by the Admins.
Here is still the old DayZ rule: Never love your Loot.

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